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Fursuit Picture Of The Day
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The talkback community for the Fursuit Picture Of The Day (FPOD) syndicate feed. http://syndicated.livejournal.com/fursuitpod/

A place to submit pics, discuss submissions etc

Please do not use this as a general fursuit or furry community, we have enough of those already :)

Also please do not use this as a general "let me show you my suit" or Pictures from your event community, you can use conpics community for that.

Picture submitions are encouraged for the FPOD however

You do not need to be in the picture you are submitting
If the picture was publically obtained, you do not need to get permision first to submit it.
You may submit multiple pictures at once but please keep it limited to the best ones of any particualr suiter or group.
Please provide as much information as possible with the pics, including who took it, where it was obtained, date and time of pic, event details, and who apears in it
You may offer a suggested caption

Be advised not all submisions will be used